Post-New Years [NEW MUSIC]

© Jonas Powell ('18)© Jonas Powell ('18)© Jonas Powell ('18)

To all acquaintances and hookups and lovers and friends-

Wherever in the world winter break may find you, you’ve dusted off the cobwebs from another yearly milestone. You’ve bumped into old high school heads: in some cases running to meet your best friends to the Chariots of Fire soundtrack, in others hiding your cringes behind the church-lady-style hugs you gave to your old frenemies. Admittedly it feels odd to suddenly be living in the Real World again. But it is now the middle of the decade, and good people, we are living in a brave new world. Times are evidently a-changing, and this is no day to be bored. This is the time to seize the moment; the questionable days after the Eve are merely the eve of your own revolution. Time to finish that book you started writing in fourth grade. Time to dance in the rain/snow/light hail in a state of undress. Time to work up those nerves and talk to those crushes. Without a doubt, time to rage, rage against the dying of the light, young people. Naturally, we deemed it necessary to provide music for your revolution. Our team is proud to present you with the first online sound release in our young history, from our good friends, the very master songwriters, Katie and Jack. So hooray for the internet, hooray for earth, but most of all, hooray for you. Wherever you are this holiday, whoever you may be, and however you may be doing, our love goes out to you. You inspire us, keep our hearts warm, and motivate us to be better at what we do. From Red Feather, we wish you cheers, l’chaim, salaam’u aleikum, and enjoy listening.


Jams: An End of Semester Update

Dear friends,

It’s been a fantastic first semester at Red Feather. Artists and engineers alike have been hard at work in the studio crafting some of the finest grooves for your listening pleasure. Over the short few weeks we’ve been up and running we have had a massive 15 different acts in the studio, from rappers to rock bands. Audio is forthcoming, so prepare your hear-holes and keep checking in over the break. Finally, instrumentalists, producers, vocalists, podcasters and all audiophiles alike – don’t forget to polish up your stuff over the break and come work with us in the new year (bookings at at

Be well and keep the good sounds coming,


IMG_2380 IMG_2408

Week 1: Electric Genesis

MFDP: the first sesh

MFDP: the first sesh

Just taking a second to stop and appreciate a great first week at Red Feather (**raises metaphorical can of metaphorical beer**) (**drinks and crushes it against metaphorical head**). So far we’ve already spent some quality time with some great artists who call this sleeping, leafy giant of a campus their home. MFDP brought some uptempo indie rock which incorporated sounds fresh off a woodsman’s dusty flannel shirt. Meanwhile, Sleep Kid, barreling through our rooms like the sandman in Berserk Mode, recorded the hilarious “Wet,” a tenacious rally cry against a rainy day. It snowed that night. Cornelius+, rapper as well as key Red Feather figure, delivered some airtight rhymes on a particularly golden Tuesday afternoon. KAI OD also laid down some new verses over glorious-sounding production–word has it the prolific kid is planning to release new music sometime in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and get ready, these young people are making fire right in our basement. Book a session, join us on this journey, and we can all make some noise together.

Welcome to Red Feather Studios

Hello one and all, and welcome to Red Feather Studios. It is our honor and pleasure to officially open Wesleyan’s first student-run recording studio. Located in the UOC basement, the studio is brimming with professional-level equipment, expert engineers, and the positive vibes you need to turn your musical thoughts into some of the tastiest jams ever contributed to humanity’s library of recorded sound. The studio will offer a live room, where you can record instruments and vocals (microphones and a drum set provided), and a production room supporting a wide range of digital production platforms (and boasting a set of high quality studio monitors). Finally, stay tuned right here on the Red Feather website for updates on the newest material coming out of the studio. Two orders of business for today:

1.) We are now accepting bookings for studio sessions. Please visit the “booking” tab for more information. All Wesleyan students are welcome – come with a song polished and ready to record and we’ll get you in the studio as soon as possible!

2.) This Saturday, November 8th, at 1pm we will be holding a grand opening shindig in the studio (UOC basement). Come on down, see the facilities, listen to some tunes, and otherwise join us for some high times.

To end with, if you are interested in getting yet more involved, or you got some burning idea to bring to this operation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! ( We’re always on the hunt for studio managers, engineers, sessions musicians, photographers, artists, writers etc. You name it, we could probably use it. Hit us up.